Steam Cooking

ProCombi Steam  

A unique combination of steam
and air for delicious food every time.

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ProCombi – the secret to memorable cuisine

Cooking is a multi-sensory experience. Tastes, textures and aromas all working together to tell you when something is just right. But perfection isn’t always easy to achieve. It requires something special and the ProCombi Steam Oven from the Neue Kollektion is something special - for when only the best will do.

How much steam?

The ProCombi Steam Oven cooks with precision. At full steam and 100% humidity it gently cooks at around 100°c, keeping the nutrients in the food and steaming fish and vegetables to perfection. Half steam and half heat (50% humidity) helps conserve the subtle texture and humidity of food with a high moisture content. Perfect for cooking flans, terrines and puddings. Also recommended for reheating dishes as the steam prevents food from drying out. Finally at quarter steam (25% humidity) food’s velvety-smooth, moist interior is conserved while hot air conjures up a mouth-watering crust and golden colour. Perfect for cooking bread, poultry, gratins, casseroles, lasagnes and other pasta-baked dishes.



Four ways to perfection

The ProCombi Steam Oven doesn’t just cook with steam. It’s unique combination of steam and hot air allows you to create the perfect results, whatever you are cooking. Preserve the natural flavours, colours and nutrients of your food with steam, or slow things down and create intense flavours and tenderness with the slow cooking function. Elevate conventional baked and roasted dishes to new heights with ThermiC°, our unique airflow system, and grill for a texture, taste and colour that’s as irresistible as freshly baked bread.

Steam Cleaning

The built-in steam cleaning program helps to remove even the toughest food remnants inside, while the oven’s smooth, enamel coating makes for effortless, perfect cleaning, without the need for special cleaning products.

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