Customer Warning against Delap/Paradi

On 10 Feb 2015 Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd ( Electrolux ) was granted a Federal Court injunction against Delap Impex KFT and Andras Paradi who have been involved in the selling and delivering into Australia of Electrolux appliances from Europe.

The injunction extends to all websites which Delap and / or Andras Paradi use, directly or indirectly.

The full text of the order is available here.

Australian Customs and numerous freight forwarders have agreed that they will intercept the effected goods so that they will not be delivered to consumers.

Consumers who buy Electrolux appliances directly or indirectly from Delap and / or Paradi are WARNED that their purchases are unlikely to be delivered to them and that they may lose their money involved in the purchase from Delap and / or Paradi.

Delap and/ or Andras Paradi trade under the name Deluxe Appliances, EU Appliances and/or other similar names including  EURO Appliances and operate various websites including and

Electrolux highly recommends that consumers only buy Electrolux goods from Australian retailers who are supplied with Electrolux appliances by Electrolux. In doing so, Electrolux guarantees consumers will be buying appliances which have been approved for safety by Australian government regulators and that the warranty provisions specified by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) will be observed. The Electrolux appliances sold by Delap and / or Paradi may not be safety compliant to Australian standards nor are they protected with the warranties which are required by the Australian Consumer Law.


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