One of Australia's best chefs and AEG ambassador Mark Best, shares his favourite Christmas Eve menu.

Mark’s recipes pay homage to a traditional European Christmas, where Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve, albeit with a local twist. 

Full recipe information including ingredients, method and serving size for each dish are available below.


Slow cooked carrots and lemongrass
Chestnut and Brussel sprouts
Hasselback potatoes
Rack of Kurabuta pork
Roast Goose

Creamed rice

Mark’s tips for hosting a memorable Christmas eve dinner

Make It Special:

  • I personally love a big dinner on Christmas Eve because our family has always done so, this goes back to our European heritage, where our Christmas feast is celebrated on Christmas Eve. I love the tradition of Christmas with the feeling of promise it brings, as well as the countless memories that are created. 



  • Make sure you go to the effort of working out your guest, food and beverage list. The more organised you are the better time you and your guests are going to have. Remember everyone needs to have fun, even the cook!
  • I always like to plan my menu far in advance so I can put my orders in early. This allows you to get the best produce at the best price. Shopping as early as possible is crucial to avoid the Christmas panic. 


Set the Scene:  

  • I always spend a little time and money on decorating the table, a festive Christmas table sets the tone for the feast.
  • Personally, I think that a Christmas cracker is the perfect festive touch – don’t forget to purchase them early, to get the best available.



  • Goose, whilst it’s is traditional in Europe, it’s a celebratory bird, rich in flavour and delicious. Personally, I think it’s the perfect statement meat for Christmas Eve.
  • With the chestnuts and Brussel sprouts, it’s all about the texture and for me, they’re a match made in heaven! Both have flavours that complement each other, whilst paying homage to a traditional Christmas Eve feast.
  • Who doesn’t love a roast potato at Christmas, the Hassel Back Potatoes are crispy rich and utterly delicious.
  • I like to complete the meal with a creamed rice as it is the perfect comfort food. Its rich and delicious, whilst refreshing. It’s the perfect way to finish the Christmas Eve feast.