One of Australia's best chefs and AEG ambassador Mark Best has revealed the ultimate summer eats, guaranteed to help you make the most of warm weather entertaining at home.

These recipes have been crafted to ensure your guests are both refreshed and satisfied, without you spending all your time in the kitchen, enjoy the sunshine with your guests instead. Think inspiring seafood, zingy cucumber sides and a fresh and fruity dessert. Keep guests hydrated with a revitalising watermelon martini.

Full recipe information including ingredients, method and serving size for each dish are available below.


Cucumber with cream cheese and miso
Crab and celeriac tacos
Tiger prawns and mayonnaise
Salad of beetroots

Caramelised pineapple tart

To drink
Martini with watermelon and olives

Mark’s tips for hosting a memorable long summer lunch at home

Guest list

  • Once you have decided how many people to include, stick to it! Look at each occasion separately and choose guests who will get along and may share interests.


  • Make sure everything is ready in good time so that you can have a shower, dress and chill before the guests arrive. They are there to see you, not watch you work!
  • Preferably, I like to spread the work load over two days. Go shopping two days in advance and spend the day or morning preparing. That way you will only need to cook and plate up once guests arrive.


  • I love a big jug of martini with watermelon and olives on clear ice. Also, jugs of classic martini are perfect for a lazy afternoon as guests can help themselves, maximising your time at the table and not spent mixing drinks! 
  • I like to provide an array of drinks. Boutique beers, champagne and a good crisp white wine are always on the menu.
  • For non-drinkers, I would have some home-made kombucha made with Chinese tea and apple juice.

Styling/table settings

  • Simple and understated is best. Let the food do the talking.
  • I like to use a beautiful old ice bucket filled with boutique beers – not only do they dress the table, your guests (or you) don’t have to get up to go to the fridge once they’re empty!


  • If your summer luncheon starts to move into the evening, add some ambiance by setting up fairy lights prior and don't forget the mozzie coils in summer.
  • Don’t overlook the power of music, I just hit play on my curated Spotify playlist; anything from Patti Smith to The Smiths to Fleet Foxes. I'm a sucker for great lyrics & a great melody. I’ve got 50 hours so plenty of good vibes for a summer luncheon.