Kit Willow shares her insights into how your fashion choices can contribute to a sustainable future ‒ from sourcing materials, creating the garments, investing in proper care techniques so they last for longer, then rehoming or recreating that piece into something new.


Sustainable fashion starts at sourcing materials. We constantly ask ourselves – how can we minimise and improve our impact on the planet’s precious natural resources? Look for garments that make the commitment to only work with suppliers and use materials where the manufacturing process respects the environment.


At KITX ‘mend-ability’ is at the core. When choosing garments, invest in pieces that have been designed with the future in mind, opting for garments that have been made with eco-friendly material. Think ‘fix’ over short lived ‘fast fashion’! Most clothing problems are easily mendable - loose stitching is an opportunity to inject newness via visible mending.


How you care for your garments also plays a role in contributing to a sustainable future. While dry cleaning might get your clothes clean, it's a chemical-heavy process that's both hard on the garment and the environment. Washing at lower temperatures will extend the life of your garments– and with specific modes for your luxurious woollens or most delicate silks, AEG’s washers and dryers ensure every fibre is cared for whilst preserving its look and feel.


‘The beauty of investing in both quality garments and innovative, high quality technology such as AEG - is that if the day comes that you no longer have a need for that garment – you can donate, rehome or repurpose it.