buying guide - dryer

AEG’s dryer buying guide will help you choose the laundry unit you need for your manchester and apparel. Size, capacity, laundry habits, installation types and special features are key things to consider, so let this buying guide help make the right choice simple for you.
Buying guide - dryer

Size & Capacity

Your laundry habits, household size and type of items you clean, determine how large you need your dryer. For example, bulky doonas require a larger drying drum than an everyday load. Here’s a guide.

1 - 2 people

1 - 2 people

4 - 6 kg

A 5kg or smaller dryer suits single or small households fitting at maximum load around 5 outfits or 5 towels per load.

3 - 4 people

3 - 4 people

7 - 8 kg

A 5kg or 7kg dryer suits medium households, fitting 5-7 outfits or 5-7 towels per load.

5+ people

5+ people

9+ kg

A 8kg or bigger dryer suits large households, fitting 8+ outfits or 8+ towels per load.

Types of Dryers

Heat Pump Dryer
Heat Pump Dryer
Heat Pump Dryer

Heat Pump Dryer

Capacity: 8kg

A moisture-free, superior performance model, heat pump dryers recycle warm air making them the most energy-efficient option, while offering lower temperatures and noise levels. This means you can position these dryers wherever you need them.

Ideal for:

  • Apartment living
  • Unventilated laundries
Heat pump dryer

Fewer creases. Easy ironing
ProSteam helps reduce wrinkles in your clothes which means less ironing is needed, which in turn places less stress on your clothes and helps them last longer.

Crease-less drying 
With Anticrease technology, the AEG tumble dryer allows the drum to rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise at the end of the drying cycle, which helps clothes to dry more evenly and reduces creases.

Why sort when you can mix
MixDry thoroughly dries synthetic and cotton garments together, for effortless, mixed load drying without the need for sorting. Heat pump technology ensures fabrics receive an even amount of heat, to optimise energy consumption and prevent over- or under-drying.


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