buying guide - rangehood

AEG’s rangehood buying guide will help you choose the kitchen extraction companion you need for a pleasurable cooking experience. Form, function and noise levels are key things to consider, so let this buying guide help make the right choice simple for you.
Buying guide - rangehood

Size Guide

The size of your rangehood should mirror the size of your cooktop – generally between 60cm-90cm – so the entire cooking area is covered for optimal extraction.

Buying guide -rangehood

Types of Rangehoods

Slideout Rangehood
Integrated Rangehood
Wall Mounted Canopy Rangehood
Quiet Rangehood
Slideout Rangehood
Slideout Rangehood
Integrated Rangehood
Wall Mounted Canopy Rangehood
Quiet Rangehood

Slideout Rangehood

Size: 60cm - 77cm

Virtually disappearing into your kitchen cabinetry, slideout rangehoods glide subtly away when not in operation, though their more streamline design does impact the extraction area they can collect from.

Ideal for:

  • Apartment living
  • Small families
Slide Out Rangehood

Discreetly designed
Integrated into a cupboard, slideout rangehoods can be discreetly slid away when not in use, extending to offer a larger extraction field when opened for operation.

Diffuses vapours fast
For high performance ventilation, use AEG’s intensive extraction setting to swiftly cleanse the kitchen air of smoke or steam.

Micromesh: Pure performance
AEG’s washable stainless steel micromesh filters will last the lifetime of your rangehood. Capturing and extracting grease, they reduce odours and purify the air.

Integrated Rangehood

Size: 54cm - 120cm

Favoured for their seamless integration into your kitchen cabinetry, undermount rangehoods are popular for their ability to go unnoticed. A discreet design though does reduce their air collection area for extraction.

Ideal for:

  • Seamless kitchen design
  • Small to medium families
Integrated Rangehood

Hob2Hood: Handsfree cooking
The cooktop and rangehood intuitively speak to each other with AEG’s Hob2Hood function.  Responding to every steam, saute or pan sear, the extraction speed of your rangehood automatically adjusts based on your cooking activities.

Powerful yet soft performance
Achieve maximum extraction with minimum noise with AEG’s powerful offboard rangehood motor. Choose from precisely fitted in your ceiling cavity, or externally mounted featuring marine-grade stainless steel for durability.

Baffle technology: Filtration made better
Engineered from stainless steel, AEG’s durable baffle filter extracts grease and neutralises odours, limiting build ups and optimising airflow. The sleek design is also removable and dishwasher safe.

Lighting that lasts
Strategically bright LED lighting elevates a kitchen for cooking tasks and cleanliness, plus it’s lifespan is longer than conventional lighting, as it’s it energy use.

Impressive air extraction
High extraction rates between 700-1600M3/Hr are delivered quietly and efficiently, quickly eliminating vapours, odours and heat.

Wall Mounted Canopy Rangehood

Size: 90cm

One of the most powerful rangehood designs thanks to the metal duct’s chimney shape, wall mounted canopy rangehoods are fixed to your wall, and feature an internal extraction fan and filter.

Ideal for:

  • Large kitchens
  • Entertainer
Wall Mounted Canopy Rangehood

Hob2Hood: Your automatic sous-chef
Focus on every char, blanch or fry while AEG’s Hob2Hood feature sees your cooktop intuitively speak to your rangehood, automatically syncing the extraction fan and lights, to the type of cooking happening. If you prefer to go it alone, the controls also allow for manual adjustments.

High performance at low volumes
By integrating in the ceiling cavity, AEG’s powerful offboard motor offers maximum extraction with minimum noise, while our externally mounted units are engineered from marine-grade stainless steel, assuring durability.

Task lighting
Clear, bright LED lighting is directed onto your cooking work surface for the most productive and sustainable lighting solution.

Baffle filter: The ultimate neutraliser
The heavy-duty and resilient to wear and tear cast iron pan supports offer stable long-lasting cooking.

DirekTouch: Sensitive control
AEG’s touch control display provides you with precise and instant control over your extraction level settings. All at the touch of a finger.

Quiet Rangehood

Size: 86cm – 90cm

Ensure your rangehood is whisper quiet with an offboard motor. The offboard motor is fixed in the space between your ceiling and roof and then venting externally, providing you with a quieter and more enjoyable cooking experience, without compromising on power.

Ideal for:

Quiet Rangehood

Powerful extraction
Whether you are searing steaks or wilting spinach, it’s important to maintain clean and fresh air in your kitchen while cooking. With a 775m3 /hr extraction rate, this hood quickly removes vapours so you can enjoy cooking without distraction.

High performance filter system
The durable stainless steel baffle filter efficiently extracts vapours, absorbs odours, and filters grease to prevent build-up and optimise the airflow in your kitchen. It’s easy to remove and is also dishwasher safe.

A fresher kitchen. Hands-free
The wireless Hob2Hood function automatically adjusts your hood settings based on how you are cooking, leaving your hands free to focus on the food. The hood lights will automatically illuminate when your hob turns on and the fan speed will adjust depending on how powerfully you are cooking.


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