What is Induction?

Induction technology is the fastest, safest and most energy-efficient way to cook on a cooktop. Our induction cooktops look stunning too, with their sleek, smooth design – perfect for the most beautiful kitchens.

Did you know? Induction is much more energy efficient than regular cooking. With induction, 85-90% of the energy is transferred into heat, cmpared to 70% with conventional cooktops. Learn more

Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops

Modern AEG induction hobs are designed to be more flexible than ever. Multiple cooking zones can be used at the same time, for instance permitting integration of the Plancha grill plate for grilling, sautéing or browning meat or poultry to perfection1. An added bonus is the option of using pre-set cooking zones, with which you can control the heat simply by moving the pan off the heated zone. This is useful for foods that have to be flash-fried2.

1. FlexiBridge function

2. ProCook function

Flexibridge Induction

FlexiBridge induction

This cooktop is made for those occasions when you need more options with equally tasty results. The FlexiBridge feature means you can customise your own cooking area, combining up to 4 segments together with a consistent and even heat distribution.

Optimize Pure Induction

OptiZone™ Pure Induction

Your touch brings it to life. Imagine a glossy sheet of pure ebony glass. Add backlit touch controls and cooking zones, glowing red only when you turn them on. It's the ultimate induction cooktop for the modern kitchen.

Hob To Hood regulates


Hob2Hood regulates the fan while you concentrate on the key moments involved in getting your dish just right. It will automatically control your cooker hood and lights. But if you'd rather adjust the fan speed, there are manual controls on the hob too.

OptiHeat™ control

By monitoring each heat zone as it cools, the OptiHeat™ control helps you make the most efficient use of residual heat. The OptiHeat™ control advises 3 levels of residual heat – whether the heat zone is still hot enough to cook with, hot enough to keep food warm, or simply hot to touch.

Stop + Go

When ready to resume, touch the Stop + Go button again and all the zones return to their previous settings.

CountUp timer

Set a reminder with the minute minder, or at a glance with the CountUp timer, keeping you in control of your cooking.


The AutoMax™ function, once selected, will bring the zone up to the highest power level then reduces to the pre-selected power level for the remainder of the cooking time.

Öko timer

The Öko timer is an intelligent way for you to use resources more efficiently. When the time is pre-set on the cooktop, the Öko timer switches off the cooking zone and uses residual heat in the cookware to finish cooking the dish. The result? The same high quality food for lower energy bills.