What is SousVide?

SousVide lets you cook to perfection because it gives you absolute control, sealing in all the aromas and taste.


The food is vacuum sealed in the PrecisionVac™ Vacuum Sealer Drawer with any seasoning and marinades. It is then cooked at a relatively low temperature, with precisely controlled steam heat.


There's no loss of flavour or moistness whatsoever - as it's all sealed in. So when you are using top quality fresh fish and tender meats, you can be sure you are achieving the best possible texture and flavour, every time.

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Why cook with SousVide?

1. Guaranteed success with precise controlled cooking that's always right, every time.

2. Retains flavour and nutrition compared to traditional cooking.

3. Reduces shrinkage from gentle, low temperature cooking.

4. Flexible option to add finishing touches before serving.

5. Vacuum sealing makes easy storage of food at any stage of the process.

6. Cook any dishes like a professional, in a fully equipped kitchen.

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Sousvide in four simple steps

Step 1: Clean, chop and season.
Step 2: Seal all the flavours in the PrecisionVac™ Vacuum Sealer Drawer.
Step 3: Place in the oven and select the SousVide function.
Step 4: Plate and present.
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