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AEG's 60cm SenseCook PyroLuxe Oven will make you cook like a chef. Learn how you can make the most of all the features of this pyrolytic oven & food sensor.

Every home cook has their own secret weapon in the kitchen, whether it’s an ice cold riesling to get the creative juices flowing, a favourite pan that never sticks or the perfect pre-dinner playlist that infuses the meal with good vibes.

And while these might all contribute to the perfect dinner, they pale in comparison to the artillery tank of secret kitchen weapons: the 60cm SenseCook Pyroluxe™ Multifunction 17 oven (BPK94733PT).

Packed with intuitive features that make it more of an at-home sous chef than an oven, this sleek little matte black beauty will elevate every meal you cook. Here’s how …

Get it right, every time

One of our favourite features, the assisted cooking functionality allows you to scroll through various food categories to select the one you want. The SenseCook Pyroluxe™ will then generate the correct settings for the dish, taking the guesswork out of your meals. You can even choose how you’d like the meat to be sealed, which means roasts, stews, fish or chicken are going to come out finished to perfection every time.

Say goodbye to awkward oven transfers

Groping around in oven mitts to try and get a good grip on a 180 degree cake tin can be one of the most awkward parts of baking. The answer? Our pyro-proof telescopic runner sets. Oven shelves smoothly slide out on runners when the door is open, meaning checking, turning and removing your creations is effortless. It might not sound like a big deal, but every time you see your dinner gently edge out to meet you, we dare you not to feel a bolt of satisfaction.

Done how you like it

Use the food sensor to tell your oven exactly how you want your meat cooked - using the same language you’d use in a restaurant. From rare cuts of beef to perfectly tender slow-cooked roast lamb, just say the word - and then reap the delicious rewards. At last, an oven that speaks your language.

Cleanup is a breeze

Like any good sous chef pulling their weight in the kitchen, the SenseCook Pyroluxe™ makes cleaning up after a meal simple. We know a lot of ovens promise ‘self-cleaning’ and come up short, but rest assured that with the pyrolytic oven technology taking this machine to very high temperatures, all residue is turned to ash, making it simple to wipe off with a damp cloth when you’re finished cooking.

From experienced home cooks to those who love trying their hands at something new, everyone can benefit from a little help in the kitchen. And your guests don’t need to know just how easy it was.



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