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AEG ovens change the rules of cooking. Their innovative features help you realise your culinary potential. You’ll master even the most complex dishes, and produce irresistible meals using the most rewarding techniques. This exclusive cookbook gives you all the know‑how you need. We’ve designed it to make sure you get the most out of our products – and the best out of your food.

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AEG Crab Recipe

Choose an oven that adds steam to traditional heat and you'll pack everything you cook with maximum flavour. The heat creates a crisp, golden crust on the outside, while the steam promotes succulent, juicy textures within. Whether you're grilling, roasting, steaming or baking, the great food you've always cooked will be even more delicious.

But AEG ovens go even further. Our range also allows you to explore the gourmet culinary technique of SousVide. Food is vacuum sealed in bags and cooked with steam retaining moisture, aroma, nutrients – and delivering incomparable flavour. You’ll be able to cook at low temperatures to the point of perfection. And enjoy a taste experience that no other cooking method can match.

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