Wash Less

Until now, cleaning and ironing was the only way to reduce creases in your worn garments.

With our Steam Refresh cycle you are able to remove odours and reduce creases without the need to place your garments through a wash cycle or visit the dry cleaners, each time you wear them.

Only The Best Care

Until now, the thought of washing your delicate silk garments at home would not have crossed your mind.

With our ÖKOMix Technology, your detergent will be pre-mixed with water prior to touching your garments, ensuring that both the detergent and water reach every fibre.

Confidence is Key

Until now, you would only hand wash your best knits.

With Woolmark Green Certification, AEG gives you confidence that your woollens are washed with care. Through lower temperatures and a gentle cycle, you will no longer have to worry.