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When it comes to kitchen & laundry renovations, you want to stay updated & fresh. Discover these 4 microtrends to provide inspiration to your 2023 modern home.

As we turn the calendar on another year, we look at how Australians will be shaping their home interiors in 2023 - especially when it comes to kitchen and laundry renovations.

If you’re currently in the process of designing your home, buying a new one, or simply considering a refresh, these 4 microtrends, as seen on Australia’s number one home renovation TV show, are here to provide some inspiration.

Matte finishes and muted tones

We expect more from our kitchens than ever, and in 2023 the focus is on comfort and longevity, using beautiful, quality and timeless materials. Monochrome is one of these colour schemes. Expect to see matte black appliances like the AEG 60cm SteamPro Multifunction oven and AEG 80cm SensePro induction cooktop paired with white sinks, natural stone benchtops and white tile splashbacks. These dark hues bring a moody warmth while suiting everything from modern rustic to industrial-style and contemporary kitchens. Darker finishes are also forgiving in a lived-in family home, while feeling luxe. Accent this contrasting monochrome palette with brushed gold hardware for a TV-worthy kitchen.

Display storage

Storage solutions that make the most of the available space and cleverly create usable nooks and crannies, as well as display storage areas will dominate 2023. Whether it’s a feature of your hero plates stacked or the most gorgeous glassware, these in-view display storage areas provide personal touches and character to a kitchen. Meanwhile in the laundry, apart from building ample storage, drying/hanging racks from the ceiling make use of vertical space.

AEG Winning appliances modern monochrome kitchen layout. If winning appliances logo is removed, update image alt text to remove the brand.

Workspaces mirroring each other

In 2023, the kitchen and laundry will take cues from one another, existing as an extension of the other. Expect the same colourways, sinks, tapware and approach to side-by-side appliances, which are no longer simply for the fridge and freezer. Think underbench dual ovens sitting parallel in the kitchen but with a washer dryer built in side-by-side, providing for more bench space. The AEG 10kg 9000 Series Front Loader washer and the AEG 9000 Series 8kg Heat Pump dryer are featured in the image below.

AEG Winning appliances modern monochrome laundry washing machine

Open plan connectors

Instead of stark kitchen islands solely for food preparation and cooking, expect to see ones that integrate bar stools, curves and personality as we demand more homely functionality from this space. In-built appliances and integrated tech like charging stations will also feature, as will styling cues like floor furnishings that aren’t typical to a kitchen. Think Persian or jute rugs, that add warmth and texture connecting the kitchen with dining, or lounging space.



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