6 large Desiree potatoes

2 tsp Murray river salt

100 g rendered pork fat (see Kurobuta Pork recipe)

18 fresh bay leaves

1 tsp freshly ground white pepper

  1. Wash potatoes & peel carefully
  2. Place in a Sous Vide bag with the salt
  3. Seal on full pressure
  4. Steam at 90°C for 1 hour (this process is to set the starch of the potato allowing it to be cut more easily & brown more evenly)
  5. Leave to cool until able to be handled
  6. Use a thin sharp knife to cut deep (half way) incisions into the potato in 5 mm increments
  7. Insert 3 bay leaves into each potato
  8. Melt the pork fat & baste each potato
  9. Season with the white pepper
  10. Cook at 180°C for 1 hour or so until the potatoes are golden brown. Baste frequently with the fat from the pan