• 1 x 6 point frenched rack of Kurobuta Pork
  • 50g Murray River Salt
  1. Pre-Heat Oven to 250°C
  2. Score the skin of the pork in 5mm increments 10mm deep (into the fat) with a very sharp serrated knife
  3. Rub the salt into the incisions
  4. Place the rack into a suitable roasting tray
  5. Wrap aluminum foil around the rack to protect the bones and end of the loin, leaving the skin exposed
  6. Place into the oven and cook until the skin is heavily blistered (around 25-35 minutes)
  7. Remove the foil and turn the oven down to 120°C
  8. Insert the sensor between the bone and the loin meat
  9. Cook until the temperature reads 70°C
  10. Remove from the oven and rest for 20 minutes before carving into individual chops