Perfectly succulent salmon, cut with a subtle tang of onion and ginger. 

4 salmon fillets, skin removed, in 200g slices
1 bunch of spring onions
A few slices of sushi ginger

  1. Slice the spring onions into rings. Vacuum seal these together with the salmon, sushi ginger and a little salt in a SousVide bag.  
  2. Place the bag on shelf level 3 on the ‘SousVide’ program and cook at 60°C. 25 minutes will leave the fish juicy, just-cooked and shiny. If you prefer the fish well done, extend the cooking time to 35 minutes.
To serve

Serve with steamed rice. You can prepare this in advance and simply keep it warm in the oven while you cook the salmon.

Chef's Secret

SousVide cooking intensifies every nuance of flavour, so use the very best, freshest salmon you can find.