Selection of Spring Vegetables

Snow peas

Broad beans

Young fennel

Artichoke, carrots

Red or yellow peppers


Green shallots

Young beans

Young lettuce hearts

Celery hearts

Note: You will need around 200 grams of prepared vegetables per person. Vegetables such as radishes, celery and fennel can be placed into iced water for an hour prior to serving to make them very crisp.

Goat Cheese Cream

1 jar of Meredith marinated goats cheese

100ml of soy milk

200ml virgin olive oil

Selection of Spring Vegetables

  1. Cut vegetables into suitable shapes to dip into the cream.
  2. Leave leaves attached where suitable for aesthetic reasons (such as radishes).
  3. Serve on a platter to share.

Goat Cheese Cream

  1. Remove any peppercorns or herbs from the marinated goats cheese.
  2. Tip contents into a 1L measuring jug.
  3. Add the soy and olive oil.
  4. Refrigerate for half an hour if not already cold.
  5. Whip into a silken mouse using a wand blender.
  6. Adjust consistency with a little more soy milk if required.
To serve

Place cream in 4 separate dipping bowlsand place vegetables on a large dish.