episode II : CHILL

The Forgotten Step

It may seem paradox that in a time where we are more environmentally conscious than ever, it is as if we've somehow forgotten how to respect our food. Our experts claim that storing food correctly and knowing how to take care of leftovers can lead to new tastes and more creativity.
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You don't just lose flavour through storage, you can also win.

Ludwig Maurer Wagyu Cow Farmer & Chef


We throw away over 1/3 of the food we produce because they don't meet a cosmetic standard. But a revolution is simmering away, approaching the boil. Feedback, set up by Tristram Stuart, use this perfectly good produce at events to raise awareness. And we can do our bit at home. If we store the right food in the right places at the right temperatures, we'll waste less and enjoy tastier food too.

FEED THE 5000 A huge feast created entirely from leftover produce cooked in Europe's largest pot

Less waste, more taste

Understand the science behind chilling food and you not only reduce the amount you throw away, but boost freshness too. Preventing water loss is critical to preserving fuller flavour for longer. DynamicAir Technology works to keep the interior temperature completely even on all levels throughout the whole refrigerator.

Smart Storage Guide

Meat & Fish

Store at the bottom of your fridge, the lowest temperature (1 to 3°C).

Ripe Vegetables & Drinks

Store at the top of your fridge, where it is less cool (4 to 5°C).

Canned Produce & Jars

Store in door compartments, the warmest part of your fridge (5 to 7°C).

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Even for fruit and vegetables. Culinary Misfits, run by Lea Brumsack and Tanja Krakowski, turn so-called "ugly produce" into an art form. They offer a wide range of smoothies, which is a great way to use up leftover produce at home. Because as they say, "you can put everything in a smoothie, even if it's soft or over ripe. No one can see."

Transform your leftovers

Unfinished food doesn't need to be wasted as long as you're prepared to get creative. Food waste expert Niki Charalampopolou demonstrates how freezing leftovers can lead to some delicious snacks.

According to Niki, freezing an overripe banana can make the most amazing vegan ice cream.

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