episode III : HEAT

Time to Rediscover Humidity

Could the secret to perfect cooking actually lie in upholding moisture levels while keeping the temperature down? From Paris to Cali, Colombia this episode investigates how different cultures handle heat. As it turns out, we discovered the fastest way to the perfect taste over 1000 years ago. Now it's time for a modern twist on an ancient technique.
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Cooking is not a question of time. It's a question of temperature.

Hervé This Father of molecular gastronomy


Is it simply applying heat to a food product? A way of making certain food safe to eat? Or a way to create flavour and make food more appealing? This is just part of what Hervé This, the father of molecular gastronomy, has dedicated his life to finding out. We spoke to him to find out what his experiments have told him. And in the process even discovered the secret to cooking the perfect egg...

The Perfect Egg Keep water between 67 and 68°C for a flavourful, tender yolk


Using humidity in cooking is a thousand-year-old trick that spreads heat evenly to make food juicier and taste better. TV chef Catalina Vélez thinks that everyone wants to get back to these roots - to eat real food. Steaming is an old trick that's ripe for a revival. It retains the nutritional value of the food and keeps the ingredient at its best by cooking at a low temperature.

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If you put 1kg of meat into an oven and cook it the conventional way, you're left with approximately 700g. But if you cook it at a lower, gentler temperature you get much closer to what you put in. More than that, you seal all the important liquids inside of the food you're cooking. So you get food that's more flavoursome and succulent.

Layer 8541 Layer 640

Add some crisp to your crust with steam

Steam isn't just for meat and vegetables. Steam baking gives a moist crumb, a larger rise and perhaps most importantly, an incredible crust. It's the added moisture on the dough's surface that creates more starch leading to extra crispiness.

SteamBake Oven Steam bakes for a moist interior, finishes with dry heat for the ultimate golden-brown crust view the steambake oven

Welcome to the Steam Age

The most advanced steam technique can be found in most professional kitchens. But now you can enjoy its results at home. With sous vide cooking you seal food in a vacuum bag to lock in flavour. Then you cook at a low temperature to ensure an even result. Our ProCombi® Plus steam oven has a sous vide function so you can enjoy mouthwatering flavours without the restaurant price.

Sous vide steak The perfect medium-rare steak is cooked at 56.5°C View the ProCombi® Plus Steam Oven

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