Imagine the sound made by a crisp stick of celery... now think about how it affects your experience of the taste. Chef Jozef Youssef and Professor Charles Spence are exploring just that: how our other four senses affect our taste perception and overall eating experience, making food seem fresher and tastier.
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Our eyes give us all the information we need about a food

Jozef Youssef Kitchen Theory Project

Taste: a five-sense experience

Our visual senses provide up to 28% of our taste experience. This is a theory Instagram chef Jacques la Merde takes to the extreme. Serving up exquisite tasting plates - in fact made from gas station ingredients - to her thousands of followers, she demonstrates how visual techniques affect our perception of food.

food that looks its best Enhance the flavour of your food by using a variety of colours and shapes to entice the eyes

A visual feast

The visual appeal of food can be enhanced through a variety of techniques. Steam cooking ensures food retains more of its vitamins and nutrients, transforming its appearance. Steam cooked vegetables are richer in chlorophyll and steamed meat appears juicier and more tender.

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Taste the colours


Red foods remind us of berries and soft fruits, so we anticipate a sweet taste.


Fresh, zingy green colours are reminiscent of unripe fruit, promising sour or acid flavours


White foods evoke memories of salt and salty flavours, driving the expectation of a savoury treat.

Perfecting the details

Creating the perfect taste is all in the details. Well-cared for plates and dishes are essential to the visual effect of our food. According to the Kitchen Theory team you can see a 10% change in sweetness perception depending on the shape and colour of the plate you use. Keeping your plates and glasses in top condition is essential to creating this visual appeal.

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